My doctor thinks I should have auditory symptoms

I think my doctor has been downplaying my symptoms because I don’t hear voices.

I don’t see things or hear things but I’m still disabled.

I have a fair amount of visual symptoms that are getting severe enough to border on agnosia. Things will appear featureless sometimes, you know? Just shapes.

But since I don’t have any delusions and I don’t hear any voices she seems to think i’m still in very early stages, and they have been giving me very low dose medication, which doesn’t help the symptoms

I’ll also have completely random thoughts sometimes, which also makes it hard to drive. I’ll be coming up to a turn and instead of thinking “I need to make this turn”, i’ll think “I can’t pick up that potato” and drive right by. It pissed me off so much when I was driving pizza

Didn’t you just start treatment a month ago? You haven’t been on meds long enough yet for them to be fully in your system, so you don’t yet know how effective they will be. Most good doctors like to keep the dose as low as possible, to avoid side effects. They will probably raise your dose after 8 weeks if there still isn’t an improvement. What are you taking, and at what dose?

what would your symptoms be if you dont hear voices or have delusions?

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I hate this practice. If the clinical dose of a pharmaceutical drug doesn’t work, escalating the dose has been statistically proven to do nothing.

I never knew that! It makes sense. When I was on Depakote, I kept getting crazier and crazier, but the only response was to give me more and more of the drug until an incident where I ended up in New Hampshire and thought I was in India. I walked around speaking “another language” and I lit a trashcan on fire. That was the point where they decided more Depakote wasn’t a good idea. If I was smarter I would have asked to get taken off it much sooner.

Visual distortions and delirium.

I was on seroquel, but now im on trilafon. She expressly stated that if i was progressing i would start hearing things, but im not certain i ever will. There are times my visual symptoms are really bad, and i can hardly talk, but i dont hear things

I heard once some guy call my name, other than that I had major visuals and delusions but no auditory, my pdoc said that can happen with sz. Don’t sweat much about it.

Im like that too, but my doctor says i dont know what im talking about

Prove her wrong, sometimes they need that.

Prove her how? Shell find out soon enough if i keep getting worse. I feel like im gonna be in shapeland soon

You’re trying new meds right? They take time to work.
Just tell her you know other szs that don’t have auditory hallucinations.

Your symptoms sound neurological. I’m no expert, just my opinion.

What do you mean?