My Doctor made me have a pap smear

I went in for my blood pressure. Which she addressed just fine but then she said let’s just get this over with, you haven’t had one in too long. She knows I try to get out of it any way I can. I hate her now.


Oh, I hate that. When I had a bad pain near my ovary, my doctor made me do an unexpected pap. I was so upset.

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at least I had just gotten out of the bath.

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I’m so sorry. Just hearing about that procedure sends chills down my spine.

I hope you’re feeling better. Jimmy says hi. :cat:

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Pap smears suck, but they’re such a useful cancer screening tool. If I hadn’t been getting mine then my cervical cancer cells would not have been discovered as early as they were. It was worth the discomfort. Glad you got it over with!


I refuse. 15151

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I haven’t had one since 2011. I can’t stand the thought of having to expose my fat body to anyone.

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