My doctor is lowering my dose for side effects

My doctor is lowering my Geodon to alleviate side effects again. She’s putting me at 60mg in the evening down from 80 and keeping the 20mg in the morning. My husband says I have anxious talk when my nightly dose was lowered from 100mg to 80mg. She is adding Buspar twice a day for anxiety after I told her what my husband said. I asked if it doesn’t work well at 60mg a day could I put it back to 80mg at night. She said yes. She said if it doesn’t help with side effects after this I can also switch medications, which I don’t want to do. They all have a lot of side effects.


I hope that the reduction of geodon helps. And the upping of buspirone goes well! I’m on both along with a couple others. Highest dose of geodon though. I don’t wanna switch as this is the best med I’ve tried. Good luck!

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Thanks @Niko_Alyxandir.

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