My doctor diagnosed me for no reason whatsoever

And my life is destroyed. Thanks a lot, doc :slight_smile:

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No reason? You thought your mum wanted to kill you, and threatened to kill her and the doctor.


Threatening to kill shouldn’t be a reason for a diagnosis of sz

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You have other symptoms too. Cling onto denial all you want, but if the shoe fits…


You seem attention seeking… maybe I have the reputation too.

Are you lonely at this point in your life?

Time goes way slower when you’re young. But things get much better.

Don’t sacrifice credibility… this place can really help.

At first I thought I was knowledgeable and smart but I’m astounded by how much I’ve learned and have trouble learning. (Perhaps where question formation occurs in the mind and or heart.)

Trying to help you though.

It isn’t attention seeking I’m just lonely and lost. Am I not allowed to disagree with my psychiatrist??
Also the diagnosis is new and I’m getting used to it so pls do not accuse me of things I’m not :confused: :confused:

Age 15 for a paranoid sz diagnosis seems like a big one. I know, I’ve been there.

But you are on the right meds right now, and symptoms might not last forever. Have hope.

Your life isn’t over because you have sz. I have psychotic depression and I’m currently studying to become a psychologist.


Accusations give something.

You took the chance just there to explain a bit and the community here, can help you more now.

I’m on your side. And I took the chance to get some things out of my own!!! So thank you!!

Anyway you g

I’m just scared of being delusional that’s all

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I had a hang over and was drunk. I blame alcohol for my diagnosed sz, lack of communication and cultural misunderstanding, not the psychiatrists, maybe they had a hang over as well.:sunglasses: It was my fault i wasn’t a zen monk at the time and had answers to the unknown questions.

It isn’t the doctors fault that you have sz, in any case just take your meds and enjoy the ride

I thought its just guys who get thoughts about killing others and becoming violent. Do you act on your violent ideas? Are you violent? I am violent without my meds.

Its a crime, you want to be in prison instead of accepting your diagnosis?


Better sz than being regarded as ‘criminally insane’


It’s generally a reason for imprisonment. Be thankful you got the kid glove treatment.


Not really. They’re the ones who went to med school, and then did an extra few years of training to be psychiatrist. What do you know about it? What qualification do you have?

Its okay to feel lousy for having a diagnosis. But they are doing their job to try to help you. It seems somewhat disrespectful to blame them for ruining your life.

I would say you can challenge your doctors within reason. The first several I had told me that I was so floridly ill that I would never amount to anything or survive outside of managed care. I managed to outfox them there (married, kid, career, etc.). Of course, they still won in the end as it turned out that I needed the meds and therapy they prescribed and that I thought I could do without. I am SZ and I need my meds, but that doesn’t have to be an impediment to a successful and fulfilling life.


Do you hear voices? That’s pretty classic with paranoid schizophrenia. I think they’re just worried about your instability.

Maybe go and see a crisis center person who can get you in to talk over a telemed tv session. They decide if you need to be admitted to a psych ward. I’ve been reading your posts quite a bit.