My doc wants to increase the clozapine

To 300-400mg if I want to get rid of the shot :confused:

Why do you want to get rid of the shot?

cuz its embarrassing

What are you embarrassed about (if you don’t mind saying)? :slight_smile:

getting the shot lol

Did they tell you higher dose clozapine gives risk of fits
Do they do your plasma levels

No they didn’t tell me that

Nothing embarrassing about treating your mental and physical health. Would you feel embarrassed about having a cast on a broken limb?

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No I wouldn’t (1515)

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but if you can get of the shot with having a bit higher dose of clozapine then you got what you wanted… you wanted to get rid of the shot so that is a good thing huh.


Yeah but I prefer the injection to clozapine

Having schizophrenia is not a wobbly sense of reality and telling someone not to take doctor prescribed meds is dangerous.


So can untreated schizophrenia.


Serious? What about treateed schizophrenia? diabetes, heart issues, liver problems.

All meds have downsides. Her doctors think her best option is clozapine. Telling her she shouldn’t take it is not helpful.


Telling her to mindlessly listen to her doctor is not helpful either. She can make informed choices, shes not incapacitated.

@anon84461028 this is a pro-med forum. Don’t tell people to stop their meds.

Besides, the op is a minor and must follow treatment ger parent and doctor approves. She cannot push for a tribunal.


I am pro med, she doesn’t like clozapine.

She’s a child and cannot do anything you suggested. As a minor she must follow doctor’s orders.


Well it’s something she should keep in mind when shes old enough to make her own decisions.