My doc said that i have torn thinking. Can it be mania?

I have torn thinking. That’s for sure. My ideas weren’t the kinda of big ideas though…it wasn’t a big imagination, maybe a small one. I guess its some form of thought disorder no? But the aps never helped my thinking. I wonder if this could be a bipolar symptom. somebody here who thinks it? in the same time, I was agitated and anxious so my thoughts were jumping from one to another. but there was poverty of thoughts too in this thing, it sucks… I wonder what can I do to improve this kind of thinking?

I read now on google that the cause of thought disorder is not always a sz… it can be even depression or an autism… For my friends, I am deeply depressed. that’s how I look in real life, yeah…

Have you tried any supplements Anna?
I have that kind of thinking, sometimes it improves when I take anti oxidants like NAC, ALA …etc
I would advise you to distract yourself from those thoughts as much as you can and keep yourself busy. Meditation and yoga should help as well.

But marya, do you believe that just distracting myself can help me beat a severe mental illness?
for the supplements, I am so dead by my Zyprexa, it kills so much my sensitivity that I dont feel any of these on me… even the coffee doesn’t lift me, theres no point.

I think you should consider antipsychotic dose reduction. A guy on youtube talks about his gradual withdrawal from Zyprexa and I found that video very encouraging.

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Psychiatrists will tell you that racing thoughts are part of having this illness. Aps are not intended to reorder your disorganised thoughts into coherent streams of consciousness but merely to prevent you acting on delusions you might be having. And yes, poverty of thought too is another symptom, add in affective flattening also in the mix. What can you do except live with it courageously as you are doing. Respect yourself, Anna. Maybe you are doing better than you imagine…

Hahaha @Anna1 you are in an enviable position!!!
I hardly ever get to see a doctor!!!

Chess, I didn’t see my doc since 3 months. It was in the past that my ex doc said that I have torn thinking. I was on meds already though, I dont understand…

That’s a shame, @Anna1 .
Try to do what you can, to see doctors more often.

Thank you very much dear, ill try to just remain in life wow :slight_smile: .