My doc keeps prescribing stuff to kill me

first I asked to be put on Geodon and now I just got my dosage raised from 60 to 80 mg twice a day and the last time I saw him he prescribed trazodone which had an interaction with Geodon and had me fainting over and over and heart going crazy and now he just prescribed something else with the same interaction I looked online so I am afraid to take it and he said I cant get temazepam or clonazepam because they are addictive but I don’t know why he keeps prescribing things I think he doesn’t know that a lot of meds have a really bad interaction with Geodon if he jus listened to me and gave me clonazepam I would be ok I don’t think I would get addicted because I wont take it everyday

The heart interaction when mixing Geodon with other meds is really rare. He probably forgot to put it in your chart that you have it. But you’re right, that is a really horrible oversight. Are you looking for something to help you sleep, or something for anxiety? Because if it’s anxiety, gabapentin is nonaddictive and safe to mix with Geodon.


I don’t really need sleep as much as I need something for anxiety and my mood as I have been sleeping a little more just not at the same time but I have been trying to find something I can take that will allow me to still lose weight like I have been on just Geodon

I think I am going to buy some cbd tho I use to use it a while ago and I think It might be able to help me now

if meds keep interacting with your Geodon then its probably best to avoid cbd just in case and talk to your pdoc about interactions affecting your heart.

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its not like its random meds interacting with it I have checked the interaction of the med before taking it just didn’t know I would have the interaction I don’t think cbd interacts with any meds really since it is natural but I will talk to my doc about it

Your pharmacist should be the one to cross check interactions with your meds and alert you.
They do have sites on the internet to check yourself, but always take it up with the professionals because that’s why they make the big bucks. (think educated)

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You should find another pill to dismiss side effects of meds you take.

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Plenty of “all natural” things interact with certain drugs. For example, when I was taking buspirone, I wasn’t allowed to eat grapefruit. It changed the way that medication was absorbed into the bloodstream.

Additionally, the effective dose of CBD to treat psychosis is so high that it would cost you hundreds of dollars every day.


i dont wanna use it for psychosis just anxiety u dont need that high a dose for that i think and i found 333 mg vape juice for 34 dollars from a place ive bought it from before

I’m not sure how you would check for interactions with CBD, but you definitely should.

ye I don’t know how to really find interactions for cbd I just searched “Geodon cbd” on google and I see posts on different websites of people that use them together and it seems like none of them had any interaction

I am on Geodon. I used to take Trazedone. I didn’t have any interactions but it didn’t help me sleep so I got off of it. I take Xanax for anxiety. It works pretty good. Hardly need it at all anymore.

my doc wont prescribe me benzo’s because I’m young and he doesn’t want me to get addicted it sucks I’m hoping cbd will work just as well

I take the lowest dose of Xanax you can take and only get enough to take one a day. I have never had addiction problems but I have had docs that felt that way too. I went to see a different doctor. I didn’t start Xanax until I had already been sick for five years.

The Xanax helped so much with the paranoia that I think the first five years was just plain suffering. Needlessly so. Someone should have prescribed it to me sooner. I don’t think my psychosis would have gotten as bad as it did.

I would find another doctor.