My doc has stopped depot without my permission?

My doc stopped depot injection without my permission ?
Didnt take my opinion he just stopped
Although i may get worse
What to do ??
Should i take it without his permission ?

How did you find out?
Is there a chance he just forgot to renew it?

No i said to him
I dont want antidepressant
He said ok you dont like medication
So there will be no depot

When are you due for your next depot?

Two weeks ago…

Well damn. Can you get a new doctor? Will he at least give you pills? Is he refusing to give you any medicine at all?

He giving me now oral only
He thinking i am good
So he stopped depot

Well that’s good you’re still getting pills. I thought you meant no meds at all.

Do you prefer the depot? Maybe you could try talking to him about it?


I dont know whether drugs are good or bad
They have effects on voices but they have very bad side effect
So if you want my opinion i dont whether they good or bad :thinking:
If my doc want give me mdication
Thats good
If he want to stop medication
Thats good too

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