My doc attacking voices by high dose!

by chloropromazine equivalent (cpz eq) = 600 mg /daily
you too can know cpz eq from here
cpz is first drug discovered and is standard for all drugs
you can add antipsychotic
i take cpz 100 =100 cpz
trifluperazine 5 mg=250 cpz
depot haloperidol equal to 50 mg /1ml/month = 5 mg daily =250 cpz
you too can calculate cpz equivalent like i explained
lets see numbersssssss!!!

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my doc may be old fashion but he is clever with his tools

Iā€™m on 400mg Zuclopenthixol monthly and 150mg Quetiapine nightly and my doctor worked out the equivalency dosage to be within limits.

My pdoc attacks my voices, paranoia and hallucinations with high doses too. Risperdal Consta injections 37.5 mg every two weeks, Geodon 240 mg daily, Seroquel 200 mg nightly, Celexa 20 mg daily, Klonipin 0.5 mg as needed.