My disability commission is this Wednesday. Should I take one klonopin before it?

I am still paranoid… my paranoia turns around, that some other ill people will tease me or hate me… I dont like much the docs there who realize this commission. It’s a scary thing for me still to go out and talk about my sz… my state gets painful etc…
So should I take one small klonopin before it? It’ll help my paranoia a bit, isn’t it?
It’s a very important thing to do, it’s about my money…
Well, wish me luck all, I worry since now hah :relaxed:
I love you all, this forum was very supportive and helpful through the years…
Tbh, lately, I feel some improvement in my state, in my painful sensations caused by the paranoia, even on my cognitive deficits… but it still will take time…
For me, the thing to switch aps didnt work… it’s more helpful when I keep my zyprexa since years, but I’ll have to pay efforts still.
Well, I guess my sz turned quite severe cause I got sick since a teenager and nobody didnt see this… I started the meds quite later after it, something like 10 years after I got sick… for all this time, I carried my demons, my delusions, my painful states and I isolated at the age of 18 :smirk: yeah, it was very hard. Anyway, maybe I’ll discover the happier life now in my fourties :slightly_smiling_face:
Dont give up, it’s worth it and take your meds, they help. Yeah, we should make our peace that we are ill and keep forward :slightly_smiling_face: when you think, people have all kind of other illnesses,its not easy for anyone I guess…


Maybe you shouldn’t take it so they can see how badly your paranoia and anxiety affect you


I risk to wont be able to walk without it… my file is very scary though, they’ll believe me I think…
But 0,5 mgs of klonopin wont put me to sleep isn’t it? I prefer to be able to talk and walk tbh :smirk:

I agree with Pianogal 100 percent.

Just try to prepare for it maybe so you don’t blank out out of nervousness and forget to say things.

Good luck you’ve gat this!


You can’t walk without klonopin?

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I have some problems walking from my paranoia and anxiety, plus my conversion disorder, which is based on stress, yeap…

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You could write down each issue you want to bring up and hand the list to the person you’re seeing.


A strange sz mine isn’t it? Yeah, few could understand what I’ve been through… I struggled for years, that I am not even like the other szs… me, my life was in danger cause I was so sick… and still this struggle here for me is quite lonely… an isolation for 20 years, yeap… idk where I found the strength to not kill myself. I guess I just wanted to live… my friends say to me, that they would have killed themselves in my place… not a nice thing to hear… sorry, I need to vent… but it was hellish here for a long yeap… and I was always alone for this time…i envied the fancy girls, even my ill friends were fancier than me… while i deal with fear of dying, not been able to walk or talk, nausea, all kind of physical symptoms and probably lots of loneliness… to continue living after this? Yeah, I am traumatized now…


Sorry to hear that Anna.

Hopefully this disability commission provides you with some help that would make things somewhat better at the least.

This disability commission is about my money pension, that’s all…
Yeah, it was hard… it was inhuman even tbh for the last years… now I try to pull myself out with a bit of philosophy in order to not hate etc, but it was very hard to see how the meds and the docs help my friends for months, while me, I was in a total pain for 20 years and the docs stated at a point, that I’ll always suffer… suckers… I wont listen to that anymore, no…

Maybe I sound bitter still or bad… my love was buried for years tbh, I couldn’t even feel it for a long… I hope I am on the way of the healing now though… the truth is that I still regret my state, my years of loneliness, it was way too long for a human being :pensive: but anyway, maybe I’ll become a loving person now, a happy one too, with a better health too hah…
Well, I still have my problem with the cigarettes, it runs my health now but I still cant stop them… having negatives, who attach you at your couch for hours, is not helping yeap… gosh, everyone has it’s own pain, i know, but i literally skipped my last 20 years…ay, ay… I’ll try to count on you in my progressing :blush: yeah, it’s an illness I guess, a bit different than for the normies maybe…

Don’t take a pill before hand but do take the pill with you, if things get really bad when you are there then take it. Perhaps it’s better that they see you at your worst so they understand your condition better. Write down things you don’t want to forget to tell them and bring that with you. It might work out that just knowing you have the pill on you in case of emergency will probably make you feel better, and if you have to take it, at least you have it with you.

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Don’t take anything. Show them the real face of your illness


i think you shouldn’t take anything yea and let them see you like you really are. I also like the idea of writing a list with the things you wanna talk about so you can go down that list and let them see it too.

but i know what you mean… if i don’t take anything i find it really hard to go out too… can you take somebody along with you? When i still had to go my mum always came with me.

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ah and good luck with the commission!


I agree with this. They need to see how it affects you @Anna1


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