My dignossiss/am I still allowed here?

My therapist (Medicaid don’t pay for a pdoc) says he’s dignossed me with the following:
Bipolar with phycotic symptoms
Borderline personality disorder

And has undiagnosed me with:

I was wondering if I am still allowed here since I’m apparently no longer dignossed with schizophrenia (and yes I now agree with these dignossiss)

I have borderline too, it’s horrible. I really struggle with attachments and friendships. My family of origin is abusive so I can’t have anything to do with them without it triggering my psychotic symptoms. How about you, what’s your family like?

@Flutterby my mom is great! My father on the other hand I haven’t seen much of since I was 10 and to this day refuse to talk to him and if I do run into him I don’t talk much to him. I have to agree, it is very hard to live with borderline but I’m trying to get a handle on it! I hope someday to be a little less… Affected

There are a number of people on this forum who have schizophrenia in remission.

If you’re completely free of the diagnosis that’s pretty good for you, but you are probably still welcome here.

@naturallycured thanks for letting me know! I like this place even if my therapist don’t like me being on here

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This is a forum for people who have experienced psychosis, not just schizophrenia . In any case diagnoses can change and change back again depending on the pdoc you happen to see.


Both my psychiatrist and therapist have diagnosed me with bipolar disorder too @Twialine.

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Anyone with psychosis is welcome.

Diagnosis changes all the time for people. Don’t worry.


To give an example - 1983/1988- 2005 bipolar or schizoaffective mixed type ,
2005-2018 personality disorder , 2018 schizophrenia , 2019 back to the schizoaffective diagnosis .


What state are you in @Twialine? When I had Medicaid my pdoc visits were covered 100%. Check your insurance again

I have medicaid and see a pdoc monthly along with a therapist. Someone is lying to you.

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Why doesn’t your therapist like you being on this site??? That’s strange. It’s for support

Arkansas, Medicaid use to cover my pdoc but a few years ago I was cut off my pdoc and only get a therapist and nurse practitioner @ZombieMombie

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Oh ok. So you see an NP. They practice like drs. I see an NP even though I can see a dr. I like her a lot.

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@ZmaGal idk you’d have to ask him.
@ZombieMombie also I don’t have a pdoc very close the closest is an hour away

I wish I could ask your therapist. This site helps me a lot so I see it as a good thing. Do you feel supported here?

I suffer with intense psychosis off meds.
My diagnoses keep switching back and forth from schizoaffective to bipolar disorder.

I understand about not having one close. We only have two that take mwdicaide in our county. One is a jerk the other is mine and great.

@ZmaGal yes, I think he don’t understand.
@Wave all I know is I feel better on Geodone while others didn’t work so well
@ZombieMombie it sucks not having one close… Oh well

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As I see it, you’re one of us. You’ve experienced a break from reality.

If you gain something from being here, and it helps you, than feel free to stay.

I’d say you fit in