My Diagnosis - Schizoaffective Disorder not Bipolar

I went to see my psychiatrist today - I asked her if I could lower my Risperdal dose, she was against it.

I also asked her about for some clarity on my diagnosis since I am paranoid a lot lately.

She made it clear to me that although she is not 100 percent sure as to whether I have schizoaffective, she seems to be leaning towards schizoaffective disorder bipolar type and not so much going with the bipolar diagnosis any more.

My official diagnosis written down to my Insurance is Schizoaffective Disorder - so I am back to my old diagnosis of Schizoaffective disorder.

I have always known that I could not be purely bipolar - I am just too paranoid and suffer from Negative symptoms - she is aware of this.

She said that she treats symptoms and not diagnoses any way.

Schizoaffective disorder makes more sense for my type of symptoms - I am at peace with this.

Very interesting session today.


As long as your at peace and you keep a plan… all is well.

I’m glad you found some closure to this.

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What my doctor said.

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Yeah a lot of the more Modern psychiatrists tend to treat symptoms as they come along.