My Derealization/Depersonalization is Gone

I suffered from DP/DR for 6 years. I had a really bad case of it. I think I’m doing much better now and I’m suffering less.


That’s awesome! What coping strategies or tricks did you use to get better?

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I think Topamax helped a lot. I had to stop it because it made me extremely paranoid. But when I was on Topamax, I started to see things outside my head. I didn’t think anything was real outside my head. A neurologist prescribed me Topamax because he thought I had migraines and that derealization/depersonalization stemmed from that.

I tried Topamax, but it gave me the shakes. I didn’t notice an effect on derealization, though.

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It’s funny because when I was on Vraylar, I suffered with intense Derealization.

I have extreme DP DR

I have not felt in control of my body or speech for 6 years, complete misery.

Everything under the sun has not been successful in fixing it, so I’m learning to live with it.

I’m extremely happy to hear of your recovery, hopefully it gets even better from here.

I am happy you are feeling better :slight_smile: that’s great. I have a unique brand of DR in that I think I live in a fake reality (I’m being studied and I am on a reality show) but it is getting better over time. I slowly feel more and more like this is my ‘real’ life. It’s SLOW. I am still pretty damn crazy.

Like I said, good on you for being better.

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Topamax made all the soda’s I drank taste flat. Feel bad for the 2 fast food places I told their fountain drink I had wasn’t working.
Wasn’t until we took a case of canned soda’s back to the bigbox warehouse store that I realized it just might be the meds.

I liked topamax because it kept my weight neutral, and headaches away.