My depressive episode ended (I hope)

I noticed it yesterday when I didn’t feel the horrible pain at night anymore. I was even singing again, and everything just seemed more manageable. I checked the calendar and sure enough it’s been around 2 weeks which is about how long my severe depressive episodes last. (More mild ones can last over a month or longer but the severe ones where I get suicidal thoughts are typically just 2 weeks).

So anyways I waited out the storm. However I still have anxiety. So I am ready for my psychiatrist appointment this week where I’m going to go back on something affecting seratonin again, while tapering off geodon and Wellbutrin.


I’m probably going to ask to be put back on Effexor, which I tried before but quit because it didn’t let me orgasm. This is a rather mild side effect compared to all the other ones out there so I’d rather go back on it since I know what to expect. Since Wellbutrin helped reverse this problem with geodon I am wondering if remaining on a small dose of Wellbutrin will also help with this problem on Effexor.

However being on Wellbutrin and not an antipsychotic raises concern of having my psychosis be aggravated so I will have to watch my symptoms very carefully if I do this.