My depression and serious anger management issues

I am depressed, I was bulled in the past for lacking social skills, I was called “Stupid”, “Loser” and “Idiot”, I want to kill my former elementary school bullies. I am so upset! Who can I talk to? I am sorry, I feel so much pain right now!

Get your psychiatrist to refer you to a clinical psychologist or counsellor.

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Try to let the thougts go. Occupy yourself with something, like watching videos or reading something. Maybe go for a walk and think about the surroundings instead of what’s in your head.

We can’t change the past, but it doesen’t have to dictate our present or future, although I totally understand that it’s hard to forget. We don’t really forget, but it’s possible to not think about it and put it in the back of your mind.

It’s good that you are angry! But your depression needs a fix.

I was also bullied. It sucks! I still want to beat some of the f-ucks up! Almost kill them. I dream of killing them.

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