My delusions right now

That people at all time are watching me. These are men and women The radio personnel are watching me In august I went through a lot of turmoil because I thought a television show was talking about me and telling me my thought .I knew they were going to kill me.

I also see lights red, silver and yellow lights everywhere. at night I will see these lights and feel people watching me like over my bed and outside.

I’ve had the TV and Radio delusions too, @paranoid

These are not real and not happening. Are you on medication for this? If so, eventually the logical side of your brain will ‘kick in’ and defeat the fantasy that the other side of your brain is creating.

Trust me on this one…been there, done that, and got the t-shirt…etc.

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I’ve had the TV and radio paranoia as well. And I’ve seen lights in the air around me. It’s a symptom. Hope you feel better soon.

Yeah, I’ve got those paranoias as well. They’re under control now. Hope you feel better.

I had the TV station helicopter do a low-level tree-height fly-by on my house 3 times when I moved to bigger city. The anchors during the breaks were spastic and kept talking about someone’s meds at too low…On radio, I’ve heard some really sickening jobs, I no longer listen during drive-time rush hour as just too crude. Plus in CD and cruise, or roll down the windows and listen to wind.

Working for the media is tough.

Should be noted, TV stations are really hard on their employees as the low paid people frequently end up crazy if they get defensive about whatever bad joke is going around or new hire targeted. It’s hard working with the millionaire anchors, even at the small time TV stations. They are GAWD and you are a suck up or else…The problem usually follows you through jobs if you get screwed out of there…Next place may just dismiss you as bad karma affects coworkers/broadcast quality/server security…Better to just walk out quietly if you are target of too much. Do handle all sexual harassment in manner outlined in manual but any other kind of rude stuff at work could be called ‘hostile work environment’ and you may get unemployment if you file with Dept of Labor anyway, fired or just yelled “I resign” over the top of the argument. If you take a medical leave after stressing, around here anyway, they HR department is losing the paperwork so they can call it desertion or got you written up for too many absences right before you went on leave. Always keep extra copies of paperwork and know you may be entitled to protection from firing due to too many absences, so discuss this with mental care.

Funny in newspaper here too. No one can run anything except official government statement and scene of crime response, plus fluff fluff stuff from the approved PR people after the newspaper named the wrong serial killer and got sued. So one reporter had a ton of breakins in his community, probably even affecting himself. These breakins caused the cops to run the victims out of the neighborhood and not even investigated in small suburb. Some had just bought houses here and forced to flee, not even allowed to put the houses up for sale. The scam continues but the newspaper reporters cannot cover this stuff…Some on disability who asked for police support to keep this kind of targeted crime away were thrown in mental hospital at their own expense even when they saw the perp coming/going and threats had been made in past…This is not surprising as the older people on town counsel are covering up a huge past of sexual abuse that went on here tolerated by the cops for decades…Some of the families targeted to be run out knew the past and were run off to shut them up. This scam continues with people who just bought a small first home, screwed by theft of their stuff from locked house – overheard some of the churchies talking about this kind of crap like it is a hazing or fraternity initiation to see if you know you need to ignore this kind of crap or the cops will ruin you. Sadly, this now nicer neighborhood due to tightening of the child sex abuse laws can bankrupt anyone who moves here so some only had a mattress in 3 bedroom home and felt safe at least you won’t get murdered in this suburb.

Long one short, media is under a lot of external pressures from special interest groups like the sex abusers and dirty business scumbags, so the remaining members of the media are very motivated people to keep their lives & family okay…A LOT OF DELUSIONAL topics are not even allowed to be discussed, only the official mental care policy no matter what outcome to the country, even the apocolypse thing, zombie stalking thought broadcasters & people who screw over customers/employer/relationship.

Many who worked in media end up working in something else STABLE that won’t cut your throat when you have bills to pay and family to support.