My delusions are back

If they even are delusions… I feel like its the end time and people are no longer themselves… the people who once were are gone, replaced by something else in them who take over who they were and act a way so no one notice… and some of us were left as ourselves with someone watching in the inside… there’s also a lot of religious ideas thrown in there but that’s neither for here or there…

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do you take your meds?

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Yes, as much as I don’t wanna take them… I want off badly to see what my mind would really be like, but I’m so delusional right now it’s affecting my relationship with my boyfriend, he understands, and is scz affective too so he’s keeping me on them but seriously I’m losing sight of what’s real, or waking up to reality…

I am loosing insight some times. fortunately we have meds.

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