My delusion of grandeur

I am taking my meds but I have been under a lot of stress lately so my delusion is rearing it’s head a little bit. I believe I am the singular subject in a brain study and that the brain scientists have been following my for years. I believe it is my ‘job’ to be persecuted like Christ (I have been a ‘real’ victim of targeting and bullying), only to be vindicated later. It’s a real balancing act staying between ‘reality’ and my brain study. It isn’t painful to think I am in the brain study except it never ends. I keep waiting for the brain scientists to ‘come and get me’, validate me and end the brain study. It’s really distracting. Anyone else waiting for something to happen that never does?

I feel so alone. I need to know I am not alone.

Thank you


I’ve been waiting to be more functional for 10 years. I’ve tried everything and every supplement under the sun.

It sounds like you’re just waiting for your mental illness to end.

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İ found that Seroquel might be effective against delusion of grandeur


Yes. I am waiting for my mental illness to end, while at the same time, waiting for the brain team to come and get me.

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That’s good to know. I also heard that Seroquel might help with sleep too. I have insomnia.

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Sounds like you have had a lot of rough experiences too. I have been mistreated in the mental hospital on multiple occasions. Some people just love preying on the weak and that was me.

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true…I think standards for hospitals have gotten possibly better over time. I am not sure. I was hospitalized this past year and it was different…I pretty much could do whatever I wanted and everyone was nice or respectful to me…

a lot of the time its just a matter of finding the right medication to bring you back to reality.

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