My Delusion Is Now Telling Me I Need To Move To Turkey!

That’s gotta be high on the Nut-O-Meter…even by my standards!

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Why in Turkey? 151515

I think because Turkey resides in both Europe and Asia.

What’s your delusion?

World Unification

I want to Unite the World, then hit a bucket of golf balls with my Dad.

Man good luck with those delusions, be humble and try to ask yourself the right questions.
Maybe then they can stop messing with you, or mess less if they know you are only waiting for them to leave your head.

If I were you I would go straightfoward to the doc and tell him what have been happening, he should help.

You have been delusional for a few days and you have your own life to live. Your life is better than the life of your delusions, be strong and ask for help :wink:


I want to move to Norway. But I figured I need to recover, get a job, and get married. Lol.


There was a paper flyer with a Turkish website written on it at the end of my driveway.

So I googled the site and it said ‘Welcome Home’ or something like that. That’s why I feel people want me to move to Turkey.

You don’t have to go anywhere, you’re fine where you are.

Internet gives us the best means of long-range communication without having to move.


You know it’s a delusion though, right. Nobody is telling you to move to Turkey. People are just telling you to get rest and take care of yourself.

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I want to go to Finland. Haha I can’t speak Finnish

I think the Media is mocking me. The news has shown a plastic Turkey popping up and photographed all around town. A few days ago it was on top of a City Bus.