My day yesterday, the mystery about the Kitty Kins, and my plans for today, to unravel the mystery

Yesterday morning I went outside to smoke a cigarette and left the door cracked so my slow poke Kitty Kins could come out for her normal walk about to go potty and chatter at the birds. I saw her come out, stretch and slip past me and go around the building. Pretty soon I finished and went in and got busy on the computer.

Around 11:00 it all of a sudden hit me that she hadn’t come home which was really weird. She was never gone this long in the morning. I began calling for her but she didn’t come. Also weird. I got a horrible feeling and started contacting people to see if they had seen her, and to get help looking for her.

We checked the apartment, all the closets, cabinets, under the bed. We checked all the trees and her fields and the neighborhood, walking around calling for her. Nothing. Everyone assured me she would show back up in time. I kept going to the door and calling for her. Nothing.

Last night my son came over for chicken sammies I went to the back door to let him in and got in the fridge to get a tomato, lettuce and the buns. When I closed the fridge Kitty Kins was standing there. I screamed her named and dropped everything in my hands and started hyper ventilating. My son helped me get my breathing under control and I said where did you find her? He said mom she just walked out of the hallway, I’m as shocked as you are.

I scooped her up and started petting her and she cried in pain. I took her to her food but she wouldn’t eat. I put her down by the water but she didn’t drink. A few minutes later she headed to the bedroom and went under the bed.

We both had checked under the bed many times, we know that isn’t where she was all day.

Today I got her to lap up some broth from one of her favorite meals and she’s had 2 or 3 bites of her dry food. And she did use the litter box. When she emerged last night she had some dried something on her, it may be poop, which means her hiding place might have poop which means I really need to find it to get it sanitized. But I don’t smell poop anywhere. I guess it could be vomit, harder to smell. Either way I need to unravel the mystery of this hiding place.

As for Kitty Kins, I think she’s on the mend but we’re going to the vet this afternoon to be sure. That’s my plans for today, get my baby feeling better.


Please keep me updated on Kitty Kins :heart:

Also, cats are sneaky buggers.
My mom searched for Freja for a whole day, and ended up finding her whem she peeked over the edge of a very tall chatol. (Cupboard?)
No one quite knows how she gets there, but she loves sleeping there now or watching the humans.
And, her brother Sambo can’t jump that high, so she goes there when he annoys her.


Ok, so the vet said she thinks what happened is an inexperienced male tried to have a go at her even though she’s spayed because she’s injured and the injures are consistent where he would be biting, etc. But it didn’t happen because she’s spayed. She had a claw from the other cat stuck in her. A little missing fur, a couple of tender areas and a fever. The vet gave her antibiotics and an antiinflammatory and sent us home with 3 days worth and said if she’s not better after those she would like to have her back for x rays.

She’s already getting better slowly, the meds seemed to help. I’m trying to figure when to give the second dose. We saw the vet a little after 2 pm. So I think the afternoon makes sense. But I’m not certain I’ll be here at 2 so I’ll aim at the closest time to 2 that I’ll be here but not after. That might be 12 noon


oh good that she is back =O


I’m glad she’s getting better :slight_smile:


Thank you @lekkerhondje and @Pikasaur


I hope your kitty is ok. I’m glad you’re taking her to the vet


She’s on the mend. The vet thinks she got beat up by a confused horny male cat.


Poor baby. I’m glad she’s ok now and has you to care for her.


I’m glad I have help. Chuck just came over and showed me how to give her her medicine. He did it like a pro, made it look easy. I’ll try by myself next time.


Oh, by the way, she went missing again, but I knew for sure she was in the house. I could not find her. But I was calling and I was crouched down examining under the bed and when I looked up I saw her coming from the workout room, so I’ve narrowed it to in there. ha!


Lol! She’s a sneaky little kitty!


Best wishes to your poor kitty and you @Leaf.


Glad to hear your kitty is starting to feel better.

Our Tigger will disappear for two days at a time. My Charles must have had frostbite before we took him in so he has no desire to go outside. He’s missing a bit of ear and his cheeks are balding. Very sweet cat though.

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