My day today

I woke up at like 12:30. Could’ve sworn I set an alarm for 12 but I guess not. For some reason I was unbelievably groggy like it was 8 am, even though I’d gone to bed at 2 am meaning I got like 10+ hours of sleep and I slept very solidly too, was dreaming constantly. I ate some breakfast. I was still too sleepy so I went back to bed. I fell into an episode of half awake half dreaming sleep paralysis.

The dark entity kept trying to sleep with me but I would send it away which made it angry. It was very impatient. And there was weird other stuff going on as well. It would play relevant songs that it uses to communicate with me except the singers would be it and me instead of the actual singers. It is weird hearing you singing when you’re not singing.

Sometimes I’d almost give in but then a voice would say watch out!! Or something like that. Good entities, my helpers. They’d startle me back to my senses. Once it sounded like 2 different of my alarms went off which again distracted me from letting the entity attack me I know my helpers were working hard. But in the end it did assault me. It was so hard to break out of that half dream state. But finally I did.

I am trying to be strong I’m trying to say no matter what they do to me it won’t break me and I’m trying to remind myself of who I am so that their energy doesn’t overwhelm who I am as a person. I left the house to try to stay safe. I’m at Starbucks now and it’s a very nice day.

summary: Half dream sleep paralysis state lead me to experience really weird things and get attacked again. When I finally snapped out of it 2 hours later I left the house to try to stay safe and I’m at Starbucks now.

@Anna I hope things improve for you soon. You get attacked so much but you don’t deserve it. You deserve peace and happiness. Enjoy your Starbucks.


It’ll take about 2 weeks for rexulti to reach a steady state in your system. The bright side is you seem to be able to tolerate it this far.

You should begin to see gradual improvements.

Keep taking it. We’re all rooting for you.


Yeah you definitely need an AP in your system but I’m not sure that you suffer with SZ.

What does that mean :weary:

I finally picked it up today. It was too hard to get out of the house before.

Yes the newest APs I seem to tolerate fairly well compared to the old.

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I’m sorry @Anna I’m not a doctor but some of the symptoms you describe are intense.
Plus you have narcolepsy to complicate things.

Just could signify a different psychotic disorder?

Please listen to your doctors.

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I’ve definitely pondered it being some serious sleep disorder that mimics psychosis. Or rather results in it. Who knows I just want it to stop.

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Sleep paralysis is a symptom of narcolepsy. I haven’t experienced it in a looong time before today. Then last night I saw a show where one of the characters experienced sleep paralysis and it made me think of how I never experience it anymore and wished I did so I could experiment with hallucinations like I used to and then today happened. Be careful what you wish for, I suppose.

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I wish you well @Anna.
Hang in there.

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That sucks that you are being attacked by that entity.

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