My day is ruined

My mother called me to tell me she found out yesterday she has hepatitis. And no insurance. I’m not happy about this at all and I was having such a nice Easter. Well, ham in the oven at least for the kids. desimb

I’m so sorry to hear this news. And on Easter Sunday too.

Does she know what type of Hep she has? A, B, C, cirrhosis?

Praying for the best for you and your family.



type C which my understanding is I couldn’t have caught ina f ew visits in the past year. But still, my father died an OD and now this with my mother. it’s outrageous. Thank you for your sympathies.

Depending on how long she’s been infected, it’s possible to cure Hep C with medications.

I hope this is the case with your mom.



sorry to hear desimb :frowning:

i’ll keep you and your mum in my thoughts x