My daughter will be 25 soon and that makes me old!

Looking forward to seeing my daughter for her 25th birthday we are going to get her out of the home for the weekend and take her shopping and all. But as if my birthdays arent’ bad enough, when my kids are getting as old as they are then I really feel to be getting old. My mother says aging works against you in job searching too. I am starting a new home health aid job on Friday as it is the only work I have ever really done long term that worked out and cash registers and computers confuse me really. All else is well here. Except it is humid, I miss my grandma who swore Nevada heat was better than PA humidity.

I feel that! My daughter turned 13 this year, my son turned 16… my step - son is turning 13 in October! I am surrounded by TEENS!!!
Right now is all fun and games… but wow! They are really growing!

my daughter turned 40 in december and i turned 60 in january,no grand kids,but i feel i should be called grandma reguardless