My daughter was so joyful today

Supposedly she’s clean off of everything even marijuana. Just smoking cigarettes now. She seemed happy and somewhat normal again. I’m praying that it’s true and it lasts, oh how I’m praying. She kept telling me she loved me. It’s hard to tell if this is a manic swing or if she’s ok now. Time will tell, she’s definitely not out of the woods. She has much work to do to get right with things.


I’ve heard that long term use of drugs messes with your brain function though I’m not a doctor. Good luck. I hope she maintains sobriety. It’s a struggle I’m sure


Glad it seems like things might be turning around. :beetle::beetle::beetle:


thank you @Loke and @GrayBear


I hate to be a downer,

But if she was in a good mood,

She was probably high.

We both know it’s not that easy to get off drugs,

And when you do,

You don’t feel great.

I hope she’s clean or getting clean.

Just protect your heart and remember that she’s very unstable right now.


I thought the same thing but she looked clean. I don’t know maybe it’s just wishful thinking.

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Omg cigarettes kills millions, Tell to her vape. Vape the all the way baby. She like better it will save her lungs trust me. Cigarettes are horrible and nasty.

I think we’re all more concerned about the other drugs.


lol okay, sorry my bad. I just hate cigarettes’ i really regret smoking i wish i never smoke. Smoking is not cool, drugs are not cool either. Vaping is cool though.

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actually she does vape sometimes instead when she has the stuff for it

thats good tell try wean off cigarrette theres 1000 cancer causing chemicals in it, in vape juice theres only 4 ingredients. Vape is better choice. Dont want your daughter get lung cancer. Cancer is not a joke.

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