My Daughter Reminded Me Today

When she was just a little toddler, she couldn’t tell the time. But she used to watch Scooby Doo episodes which were 15 minutes long each.

So if something was going to take about a half an hour, I’d tell my daughter this will take…“About 2 Scooby Doo episodes”…then she understood.

I’d forgotten I used to say that. It’s just so darn cute isn’t it?!!! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I used to say ‘quality time’ to my toddlers, Mon-Fri, when I was working full-time.

I think they understood, kind of.


I love putting children to sleep telling them tiring stories.


yeah. We never read in bed, always wide awake sitting on the couch together. It was pretty serious to me, but heart-warming little books.


Starlet has no concept of time, because of his ADHD. To try and teach him, we clearly say how long every task will take, but it doesn’t really sink in. I never thought to phrase it in terms of favored activities.

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That’s how I used to tell time with my kids. Half a Spongebob or two Spongebobs, etc. You learn a lot of weird tricks with little kids!


My Mom Used to Teach Me How to Read On The Couch in a Very Small Apartment Back When I Was Tiny.

I Wanted to Impress Her.

She Would Hold The Book Up And With Her Finger (As She Would Read), Put Emphasis Throughout Each And Every Sentence.

Then She Would Be Like, ‘Okay Now Your Turn’, And I Would Be Laughing, on The Edge of My Seat Ready to Show Her My Intelligence.

Before I Had Any Slight Notion to What The Word Intelligence Was or Even Meant.

My Mom Passed Away a Few Years Ago. But!, If I Have Gotten On Any of Your Nerves With My Endless Posting Nonsense.

Blame My Mom!.. . … :100: :money_mouth_face: :100:


oh. I never did that with my kids.
I hope that’s a good memory of your mom.

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