My daughter purposely withholds me from her life

there were certain secrets with her that I wasn’t in on til

she told me when she was 20 years old, and I made the mistake

of sharing it with my parents, she was bawling and saying I called her a victim, maybe I did, I don’t know, now she’ll never forgive me

and she says I send too many shi=tty emails

she won’t return an email or a text from me

there’s like zero communication going on

I just want to know how her life is going, her health, her job, her husband

she knows I’ve made my kids my life

so it’s a big huge part of me that is gone

what should I do? I apologize all the time. nope.

Why she doesn’t talk to you? Can’t she forgive you?

it’s all my fault

I just can’t do anything right with any of my family

it’s touchy, between mothers and daughters, I think there’s also some competition. But we’ve had such great conversations in the past,

and we were real tight.

It’s a shame. You should reconcile

she told me one time when she took me into the ER

that I don’t need a man, that she and my mom would take care of me

but she abandoned me when Phil moved in.

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Well, nothing you’ve posted about your relationship with him sounds healthy. Why would she want to be party to it?


you’re right

he’s mainly very loving, but gets to be an angry drinker

well, too bad, Beth, I think we’re in it for life.

I got down on one knee, and used his ring, and asked him to marry me

he called me a goof ball, :slightly_frowning_face:


Sounds like you’re picking Phil over Beth. And I’m pretty sure if I were in Beth’s shoes that’s how it would feel. I probably wouldn’t want to have anything to do with you after that either.

Maybe find a way to talk to her that shows you’re putting her wishes above those of Phil.


why should I always be the one who’s alone?

You don’t have to be alone. Just find a partner that treats you better, like you deserve to be treated. Someone Beth can at eonleast get along with.

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mmmm, 49, non worker, pd sz, smoker, slightly overweight

nah, I can’t get a better man.

It sounds like you miss her very much. Perhaps there is some way you can make it right. Life is too short to have regrets.

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Two cute girls!


Though i can understand why she is angry, i also see why it saddens you. I wouldnt push her too much, that might push her away even more? Perhaps just send 1 serious and kind written letter still, ask your pdoc or social worker to screen it first? Apologize sincerely and tell her you wont pressure her but you love her and your door is always open to her, no matter what? You cant force her into contact…

You are her mum, she might come back after things have cooled down? I know i was pissed at my mum for a while and now we are fine.

Oh and - dont stay with someone thinking you cant get better. You deserve better, surely.

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I’ve always liked you @anon73478309

I think it’s because I see a lot of me in you.



Wow @daze, thats a kind compliment, thanks. :slight_smile:

Hope it works out well between you two. And that you find loving people around you. Feeling lonely or cut off from loved ones sucks. I also wish you wouldnt let phil hurt you. Be strong.


She looks like you, daze


Yes, loads. And shes pretty!


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