My daughter lost the pregnancy

I guess it was an unhealthy pregnancy. She miscarried. She’s devastated.


I don’t think its a good idea to have more kids if she’s living in the streets. Raising kids costs money.


I’m sorry to hear that. How are you holding up?

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I’m sorry, but it sounds like she will have a better chance of getting her life together now.

How do you feel?

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Naturally I’m worried about her. I’m worried about her physical and mental health. But, I’m relieved that she’s not pregnant and homeless and on drugs. It’s just not a good situation for a baby.


I agree. Being on drugs and being homeless make life very difficult for children.


I’m torn between being sad and being relieved. It’s a weird feeling to have.


my sister had 2 miscarriages. she developed an auto immune disease during pregnancy and they didnt discover it until after her 2 miscarriages. so she had to get shots of some kind while she was pregnant with my niece. she has a boy and a girl now age 4 and 6. but it was hard on her and mom was looking forward to more grandchildren. my sister wanted kids so bad and did everything right, other than her unknown condition they didn’t discover until after her 2nd miscarriage.

sorry about the loss of the baby. wish you and your daughter comfort in this difficult time.

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I’m sorry @leaf

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thats horrible, losing a baby is never okay, i pray for her.

I’m so sorry to hear that @leaf

I’m so sorry. My hugs to you as you all grieve.

I’m sorry she lost the baby. It’s normal to feel conflicted like you are feeling.

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So sorry to hear that.

I’m so sorry… This has to be hard on everyone

I’m sorry @leaf

I’m so sorry, @leaf. I’m still praying for your family.

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I’m so sorry. Circumstantial relief or not, losing a baby is always hard. Warn her to keep an eye out for postpartum depression. No one talks about it, but you can get ppd and ppa after a miscarriage.


I’m so sorry @leaf