My date bait and switch and the Salvation Army Thrift Store

A man asked me out on a date to a lecture and the symphony.

After he picked me up, he changed the destination.
After visiting one place I truly enjoy, but been there several times,
We went to the Salvation Army Thrift Store where he purchased used VHS movies for $1.00, and we went to the bad side of town, to a restaurant I was afraid to touch or eat anything because it was so old and dirty.

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I assume there won’t be a second date! :smile:

@everhopeful I can hardly believe he did that to me. No more dates, you are right.
We may end up at the landfill next for all I know.

He used to be a mental health worker he said. - lol

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That really sounds awful, I can’t believe he did that. But congratulations on being able to date in the first place. :sunny: I think my dating days are behind me.

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Sounds really scary, Glad you made it home safely, what a odd thing for him to do.

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Where are you finding these guys? First, the guy living in the storage unit and now this guy. :smile:

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Stop looking for love on!


The dude still has a VCR?

Was he also wearing painter pants, an acid wash jacket and a swatch on your date? :wink:


God even I’m not that weird!!!

Although I’m too scared to date! I still haven’t spoken to the girl downstairs whom I met on a course 5-6 yrs ago.

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I got 1100 of them how about a date :stuck_out_tongue:


He was wearing pants he kept from his job as a valet at a local hotel.

I didn’t know people could find a vcr that still worked!

Like I said, his original destination sounds normal, then BANG. He changes it as soon as I get in the car - lol

I get the movie collections for free off a online site, get a kick out of sorting and watching them, when the people give up their collection I usually get the vcr to.

Valet pants and VCR’s??

Was he also wearing a Walkman? lol!


Was this your date?

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He drove a Hyundai with manual crank windows,
And used a flip phone - lol.


Yes! He drove past the kill processing facility, had to tell me and show me. Factory that processes dead cattle and horses for pet food I guess. The restaurant was on the other side from it. By the time we made it past there and hit the Salvation Army, I was just praying to get home.

So much for the symphony! - lol

Doubt he could afford to take you anywhere, did he ask for gas money? Did not think the flip phone worked anymore with the new sim cards.

Maybe I have been doing it wrong, I should dig out the old Beatles Boots, and Bell bottoms, I might get a date finally

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@Mountainman, if you hang a sign over your place and sell them like the Salvation Army those BHS tapes could make you rich!

Did he show you his latest IPod? lol!