My dad once told me girls were better, more attractive, and smarter than boys

I was like 8 and there was some girl randomly over at my house with her mother. It was me, my dad, my mother, this girl, her mother, and my sister. We were arguing between us kids “GIRLS ARE BETTER THAN BOYS” “NO BOYS ARE BETTER THAN GIRLS”…well my dad interrupted me and said “No Jon, girls are better than boys in every way possible. They’re more attractive, smarter, and just overall better.” From that point on I felt an inferiority complex to women. I respected them too much because I was taught I was worse than them. I wasn’t like the other guys who get girls for being douchebags, I was too nice. There are a billion little stories I can tell that mess with my psyche but I remember this in particular. What my dad should have said, what I will tell my children is “Each sex has their strengths and weaknesses, but overall we are equal” or something…but he was too in the mood to flatter and charm all the women in the house. I resent this.


There was a time i didn’t believe my father was my real father

I thought i was the son of “God”

I felt my dad just had kids because my mom wanted them and didn’t really feel wanted by him

things have gotten better

but i still resent some things that happened

Speaking as someone who coaches teens doing archery, I rarely worry about the girls accidentally shooting someone, whereas I constantly have that worry with the boys. I’d much rather coach girls only – less stressful.

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Me, at 26, am much more mature than my sister was at 26. Much more friendly too. But it wasn’t always that way. I drew a graph of our maturity levels throughout the years. She’s red and I’m black

But that doesn’t matter, it wasn’t about boy vs. girl, he made it about male vs. female. Because my whole world was being a “boy” at that point, and i compared myself to “girls” not females. It was devastating hearing my father tell me this thing. If I recall the conversation went something like the girls asking “who’s more attractive” and my dad said “girls”, which I agreed with…because I’m a straight male (all a matter of perspective)…and then I asked “who’s smarter” and he said “GIRLS” and my ego went BOOM. Took a huge hit. and then my sister said “whos better overall” and he said “GIRLS”…and I just went and was devastated and never really recovered from this. It’s my DAD, i know you’re a father of two girls so you don’t know, but a dads supposed to have his sons back. At least be reasonable, or at least let the kids play and stay out of their business. But him butting into it all, was devastating to someone like me at a young age.

I used to think my dad is smarter than my mom ( my dad went to cornell, my mom is a ditzy blonde professional dancer) but now i realize theres different types of intelligence and they are near equal in intelligence…my mom would have known (if she was a man) to not say that girls are better than boys to her son. I try to take the good from both of my parents and erase the bad in terms of my own ways of thinking. I’ll never be an engineer like my dad, but I’m pretty smart in terms of technical things and especially emotionally smart like my mother is…My sister has matured a lot in the last 2 years, but when she was 26 she was a total b word…I’m very chill and keep my ego in check pretty well for a 26 years old unlike my sister did.


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well maybe im recovering now…and maybe i will find myself a girlfriend soon

but for so long my ego has taken shot after shot and it wasnt until lately i somewhat recovered

im just resentful and i think i have somewhat a right to be, since ive been single all these years and my sister hasnt been single the last 15 years

i like your post, but i dont want to be better in the end, i just want to have someone care about me

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