My dad had covid and was in the hospital...just found out

I didn’t know anything until I saw that dad was on an oxygen feed on facebook and I asked my sister why…she didn’t tell me for some reason…they probably thought I would try to bug dad with texts or something…they don’t trust me because I am a democrat. and for other reasons I d k.


What? Is he ok now ?

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he’s home now…doing fine now…sorry I should have mentioned that.


They don’t trust you bc you’re a democrat. :joy:

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Damn dude I’m sorry :frowning:

@Rabbit_Farmer I don’t think he’s kidding…

Sorry if I offended. Also I’m glad your dad is doing better.

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I’m glad he’s better and I’m sorry you were not informed. I know that hurts


Sometimes people don’t tell you, because they’re afraid you might not be able to handle it. Protecting you, basically

I hope to Heaven above your Dad is doing okay

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@Cragger. His reply said his dad was okay and home… I’m worried about him… This had to have been a huge blow to him mentally and I’m worried… We got to be pretty close friends

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@Twialine sorry, I have a bad habit of misquoting who said what. By the time I get to the bottom of the page, I’ve completely forgotten who started the thread

@jukebox I hope everything turns out okay

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@Cragger. It was @jukebox who started it not me… I hope I hear from him either later tonight or tomorrow

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yes I’m fine ! I wasn’t offended, I’ve been lying down.

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@jukebox I’m glad your dad is doing better and back home.

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Hope he gets well soon. I just got tested today for covid!

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