My dad died on this date 6 years ago


he loved us all so much. it’s especially hard for my mom without him.

there’s an emptiness that remains in my heart over losing my dad.

I dream that he is watching me from heaven. I made much progress since he died, psychologically, and I always hope he can see it from above.



dear Judy, I am sure your father sees and cares for you. My grandparents are my angels looking over me.


I’m so sorry for your loss. I’m also sure he is watching over you and would be very proud of all you have accomplished.


I will hope I can cherish my dad and also stay mentally strong…


He likely is watching. A father would be proud to know of his daughter’s great progress. Who knows, maybe he even had something to do with it, watching over you.

Take care


I’m sorry you lost your dad.