My current treatment

I hope that you have patience to read it.

My current treatment:

I talked with my psychologist and she said that I can’t do my treatment in this mental health service unit without doing the occupational therapies.

So we decided to reduce the days that I was doing therapies, 5 days to 3 days.

So, I have to go monday to thursday to the walking group.

Monday, I have this walking group only, then I return to home.
Tuesday, the culinary group.
Wednesday, the the group of photography.
Thursday, a group that don’t remember the name now
And Friday, they don’t have a walking group, and I don’t have any therapy groups this day, then I stay home.

They are planning to move to another site.
Because this area, is too small

And now, we only have one psychiatrist.

I hope that they get a bigger site.


after doing all this occupational therapies …Are u going to get jobs…???
just eager to know…:+1:
Good luck for all ur treatment…:om_symbol:

I’m planning to get a professional internship in this second semester.
But I don’t know really will have this job opportunity due my course period that is in the afternoon, I need to get a job in the period of morning, but it need to be only 4 hours a day due to the course period.

The classes restart tomorrow.

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Are u able to perform at job if provided…cuz most schizophrenics couldn’t hold job including me…!!!
i was kicked out of two consecutive job i was in…so bad luck…
do u guys practice meditation (mindfulness)…it might help cuz i do it everyday…
take care…hope u could hold full time job…!!!

Well, I really don’t know if I’ll be able to work as the majority of the people, I don’t endure much noises or to see a lot of people or many people speaking together. I can’t keep me attention very well because of that.

At least, I need to try.

Common man that’s the spirit…
i am sure U can do it…just do it…!!!

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I hope this service stays in your area. It seems like it would help a lot to have one of those. I wish I could go to something like that.

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