My cure for demons

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This could be triggering so you have been warned


Demonic Influence

Some persons falsely believe that
psychiatric disorders can be the result of demonic
influence. The truth is actually the other way around. Psychiatric
disorders result from emotional resentments that have been stuffed away into
the unconscious, and then, if the resentments are especially strong, the anger
and hatred underlying them will attract demons the way blood in the water
attracts sharks. Remember a fundamental point here: demons cannot get into
us unless we invite them in, and one clear invitation is through the door
of hatred. Consequently, although demonic influence can be a part of a
psychiatric disorder, prayers of deliverance may provide temporary relief, but
the demons will keep coming back as long as there is hatred for them to feed on.
To get free of the demons you must resolve the resentments underlying the
psychiatric disorder.

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