My crazy dream, in the graveyard

I can not really analyze my dreams, but sometimes I have these crazy dreams as I had last night. In the dream I was a member of a group, a gravedigger, who digs graves in the graveyard where my family has been buried, and then the night came and we slept in these graves over the night only to wake up in the morning to dig more graves. What would it all mean? I do not know.

Death in dreams is not usually literal, but can mean more of an end to something familiar. Gravediggers help bury what is dead/finished. The fact that you slept “in your work” only to start again once the day began.
How did you feel upon waking up?
Are there some family things that have/need to end that keep needing more work?
Secrets sometimes are know as something that won’t stay “buried” underground.


After the onset, I think my dreams has gone unrestraintively imaginative. It doesn’t seem to be conveying any special message to me.

In one of my dream, I was my kitty. I just feel like a fur ball. I was missing about the owner (the real me) and therefore dreaming about holding hands with my owner. So the kitty’s hand stretch a bit to touch my palm and that is it. The dream is non-language.

I felt great when I woke up. In the 2000s I lived very near the death often, because I had to save my father’s life many times, once I gave the mouth-to-mouth first aid on the floor of the library… Today he is at the elderly care facility. I often get these dreams, once George W. Bush appeared in my dream and it felt so real that he could have been psychically with me at the time. In the 2000s I experienced many deaths, when many people, some 25, I knew died, but in recent years not many people have died.

At least you didn’t feel dread when you woke up. Maybe it was just a dream of transition.

I once stupidly got drunk in a graveyard and when I passed out my “friends” laid me out like I was dead and left me there to wake up on my own. That was no fun. Plus I ended up catching cold.

Death is not all doom and gloom. In the art of Tarot Card Reading - it indicates new beginnings, new life. Maybe there are new changes in store for you- they could very well be positive

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My sis is all in to tarot cards. Some people even come over in hopes that she will do a reading for them. I try to be supportive, and I understand there is something to it… How Carl Jung used the cards as a way for people to identify certain problem areas in their life…

But it just gets to me. I’ll listen to someone and say… “You might need to cut back on the alcohol”

NO they need to see my sis. She’ll do a reading and say, “Ahhh 5 of pentacles near the Devil, You’re loosing money to an addiction maybe?” and they say… “You know… I might need to cut back on my alcohol” sigh :expressionless:

I was very much into Tarot Card readings, this was during a time when I was not doing so well :frowning:

Did you ever do a reading on yourself or did you go to someone to read for you? I’ve tried to do a few readings on myself, but I don’t know the cards well enough.

My sis will try and do a reading on me, but I then just end up thinking… “Kid Sis… You know me sometimes better then I know myself so… how good are those cards?”

Its difficult to read yourself. I am still interested in the Tarot, but have not gotten into it since I was not doing well.
Some woman read me, she was spot on with my life. I did many readings for people, I was accurate at the time. Now that Im on powerful meds - It wont be the same. I believe that the Antipsychotics act as a Buffer between this plane and other dimensions possibly - I cant explain it and do not have the answers.

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I used to love my tarot cards. Still do but don’t pull them out very often. I feel I lost my connection with them when I cleaned up from drugs so makes me question how real the connection really was :smile: When I do do a reading they just tells me what I already know… At least that’s my interpretation.

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I dug graves, when I was into grave digging, only because I didn’t believe the business of graveyards. I thought they were liars, like republicans. When I saw that they weren’t lieing, then I had a big hole I had to put dirt back in. And I told myself that I was already there, so may as well make use of it. And I sold their fillings to the junkyard dealer…

After that, I just kept digging graves for fillings. It became a habit.

The real question you should be asking is: “Whats sexy about dead people?”

I love trying to analyze dreams…one of my friends reports confusing dreams to me. I would say that you feel as if you have a rational perspective on your life- you know the reality of where you are headed (I dont mean to be morbid but dont take life too seriously, no one makes it out alive!) and you are at peace with it…because in the dream you slept in your own grave and then woke up to dig more graves.

You aren’t afraid of death and see it as just another part of life? Thats my two cents.