My cousin work so hard that I dislike him

Jealousy is making me kind of insatisfied now,my cousin work hard at his job and I am so unmotivated to do my job that I start thinking I am so lazy and irresponsible.I think bad about myself.Customer come and I really dislike them at the moment,everything seems against me,I just want to get away from work,feeling shitty now…

Maybe you should try to find a job not made up of customer service. I would rather dig ditches than do customer service. Maybe you could stock shelves, or unload trucks. If it all is too much for you, maybe you should get disability.


Finding a job you love to do will make the difference. You’re young enough to try a few things out and see what you like doing the most.

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okay relax and think which job suits u…

Just watch some videos of starving people from 3rd world countries. That’ll make you feel better about your situation since you’re not as bad off as they are. It’s called schadenfreude.

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Ok trying to digest that last pic message. … most high achievers are following a model and t
You are following an inner recourse that says that’s slavery maybe it is you know maybe it is.