My counsellor/psychologist say I might have a very mild autism

My counsellor/psychologist said I might not have schizophrenia but mild form of autism,she says this because I told her I dislike attention and I don’t enjoy complement but get anxious when people compliment me,she says I lack confident that also could mean I had mild autism,i think she might be right,and hopefully she can help me to overcome these in some ways

I am confused. Does autism have symptoms like delusion and hallucination? Have you had delusions and hallucinations before?

I didn’t finish the sentence,she says I might have overlap schizo/autism,to be honest I had disorganized thinking and speech but never had hallucination

Whatever the diagnosis is,I hope to have more confidence and sociality,that’s what I actually needed the most,I am not very comfortable around people except when I am doing my work,I am alright,I hope I have more “character” “personality”

Maybe you’re lucky and you really do just have mild autism, and I sure do hope your counselor’s right because living with SZ is not fun.

I’m curious about your diagnosis, though, because it’s very possible to have both as I’d know. Besides disorganized speech/thoughts, what other symptoms caused you to think you may have SZ? Are you in your teens? Depending on your age, disorganized speech/thoughts and cognitive deficits can be early warning signs and will worsen.

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Might be good news to be honest. From what I’ve looked into the sz/autism spectrum respond extremely well to the gluten free diet. Might be something to look into at least.

I think three doctors diagnosed me with schizo,so they were not wrong,but my psychologist says I had mild autism,she said it right I think

I had schizophrenia because if I am not on medication I will say rubbish,but I think I might say rubbish because I am depress,what I mean is depression might be the cause of my psychosis