My communication skills are non-existent 😂 .. funny story

So, today was my dad’s birthday dinner at a Japanese restaurant. My little brother called me, beforehand, and asked if I could pick up some candles for Dad’s birthday. I said sure! Me and Hubby were walking into Walmart, anyway.

I asked my bro, “How many candles? One? Two?” He responded with, “IDK, however many you want.”

I thought my brother was asking us to pick up a gift. Of candles. Because maybe my brother didn’t have time?

So, I went to the candle area of Walmart. Hubby asked what scent. I said that my brother didn’t say what scent. We picked out 2 nice candles, though. We even bought a gift bag and tissue paper.

I got it all nice looking. I asked my brother to meet us outside, when we pulled up to the restaurant.

I opened the back door and showed my brother the gift bag. He looked confused. I showed him the candles and told him what scents they were. He looked even more confused. And then he said he meant birthday candles… for the cake

Then we busted up laughing. Oh, man.

On the way home, after dinner, Hubby and I were laughing so hard about it that we were crying. Hubby had to pull the car over for a minute to regain composure.

LMAO. I failed so hard.


:joy: thats awesome, now your dad will have nice scented candles


Thats a really funny story


I figured it was birthday candles the whole time.

The problem with scented candles is you find a scent you like then it goes out of season or whatever and you can never find it again. I really like Yankee Candle’s Cherry Blossom Orchard but I can never find it.

My aunt has her own business making and selling scented candles. She said peppermint bark was the most popular at Christmas.

Did you know that in December there was a huge wave of negative reviews for Yankee Candles claiming that they have no scent? Turns out the candles were fine, the reviewers all had covid and couldn’t smell anything! :open_mouth:


Oopps!! At least you could have a hood laugh about it. Lost in translation.

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You are so lucky to have a significant other. Don’t fall into ingratitude.

Haha! That’s funny and sad, at the same time.

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I did very embarrassing stuff due to my cognitive problems. I asked my mother’s aunt how is and where is her husband, she was shocked and said you were at his funeral last year. I still feel embarrassed about it.

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I wonder if blowing out the candles on birthday cakes in covidtimes is a wise thing to do ? :thinking:

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You make a very good point… :face_with_monocle:

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Oh, man. That’s bad. I’m so sorry you forgot about that.

I forgot that my dad’s business friend had died. I asked about him and my dad was shocked. He reminded me of his death. I felt so bad for forgetting.

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me and my wife are always laughing at everything it’s a good feeling.

@Juliesftw You… have a wife? Aren’t you the poster who is talking about sending money to women online with your mother’s money?

Not trying to derail the thread, but damn.


That’s a funny story @Blossom! I’ve had moments like that, but nothing that funny. An honest misunderstanding.

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Maybe Wife also means sock :face_with_hand_over_mouth::smiley:


My dads birthday was Wednesday. He turned 77. I told him I didn’t have enough money to buy that many candles for his cake He thought it was funny. Should have just bought him some scented candles……lol


We’re not supposed to talk about posters who aren’t here to defend themselves. But he said himself he doesn’t have a wife.

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