My Comic Strip

I wrote a little Comic Strip back in my late teens/ early twenties. I recently found it in a pile of old stuff while looking for something else. It’s over 30 years old.

The title of the strip is ‘Cold Shoulder’.

The main brooding hippie character is Cliff, and his sidekick is a little bird named Chippy who sits on his shoulder wherever they go. Cliff is the straightman and Chippy is sarcastic.

I did a bunch of rough panels and some of them are quite funny. Perhaps I should hook up with the cartoonist Dr. Zen from this forum and breathe some life into an old project! Hmmm… :slight_smile:


Cliff standing partially naked in front of the mirror…

"Have you ever looked into a mirror and considered… WHO AM I??

Chippy standing between Cliffy’s legs, looking up at him…

“Have you ever considered trimming your nose hairs?”

(Just funny little bits of comedy I wrote years ago before my diagnosis of schizophrenia)

Chippy strolls into the living room. Cliff is on the couch reading the book To Kill a Mockingbird.

Chippy runs away screaming!! DAAAAHHH!!!


I can’t draw worth beans. Could you draw me a young hippie with a little bird on his shoulder? And post it in this thread?

I well work on it late tonight Patrick, I am still at work

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No pressure, Dr. Zen…just thought it might be fun to collaborate a bit on this old project I recently dug up.


I almost expected a photo of louis c k doing the deed in here

Nice work @TheGreatestDrZen!

You’ve got some talent there! :slight_smile:


@TheGreatestDrZen could you draw me a flying saucer shooting a large godzilla? godzilla needs flames coming out of his mouth.



ok …………jukebox.

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