My Comedy Show Pitch Called 'Mental Ward'

Along with my songwriting ideas, I’m also pitching a show this year to major networks called Mental Ward. It’s based on my own life experiences with Sz. Throughout all of the pain and tragedy I’ve suffered, I’m still lighthearted enough to recall many of the humorous moments of my affliction.

The lead character would be named Mark Ward. (Mark as in a ‘marked man’)…etc

I would have to be the creative consultant because only I can remember all of the crazy, and in hindsight, hilarious $hit I’ve been through.


There was a sign at the hospital which read…“No Nuts Allowed”…it was a peanut allergy warning sign. But I was convinced someone put that sign up to make fun of me…like I was a ‘nut’ or something. I have scores of examples of this kind of crazy stuff my mind went through…and still does.

Q: Would any of you be personally offended by this type of comedy show in the off chance it ever made it to TV?

Love it. Just promise me you’ll get it on Netflix, otherwise I’ll never see it.


As long as it showed the mentally ill to be what they are… humans… struggling in ways which cant be measured or seen.


Yeah SIG. I agree. It would have to be funny, but ‘poignant’ at the same time…kinda like the way MASH was.

I can swing that!


It sounds funny.

Laughing with is different to laughing at


The dialogue would be adult and would go something like this…

Mark: "That’s every young man’s dilemma in life isn’t it? Who would you choose…Ginger or Mary-Anne??

Not So Bright Sidekick: “But what about Mrs. Howell?”

Mark: “Umm…there’s fetish websites for that.” lol!

I think I’d have a blast with other writers coming up with crazy dialogues and scenes!

As long as I don’t tank and get sent back to the Psyche Ward for the fifth time in ten years! (yeesh!)

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Are the names a reference to a show?

When I was in the hospital for 8 months occasionally someone would flip out and lose control and attack another patient or start destroying property. The staff would get a big net and throw it over the patient and dogpile on him/her.
Funny. But tragic…

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I used to walk laps around the hospital grounds. When I walked out in back where no one hardly went I would always pass this guy sitting in the dirt behind a bush who was reading the dictionary from A-Z. We would always exchange friendly hellos.

The state hospital was a ■■■■■■■ mess.

I was to far gone to really know what was going on. Looking bad though their were a lot of troubled people.

People who were worse off then me. Even at my worst I was just paranoid and hallucinating telepathy. My situational awareness was completely off. Some of the other folks, totally unresponsive/angry/ out of control.

At the time I thought it was more of a prison. A place where they send telepaths who are ducking with people. Now I have a better sense of the diversity that would have been there.

Some of those people seemed totally unfit for ordinary life. Sad stuff.

Worst part was finding time to take a ■■■■ in the one bathroom they had on the wing. Showering sucked too.

Glad that ■■■■ is behind me.

The second hospital was nice though. Private bathrooms and tvs in the lobby. Friendlier staff. Nicotine patches and lozenges. This thought I had been detained again for ■■■■■■■ with people telepathically. I was getting better at controlling my thoughts at that point.

The sz ■■■■ show was in full effect though as far as hallucinations and perception of reality. I’m not gonna go into that though.

They used to line us up at night for our medication at the nurses station. I was taking liquid prolixen. They used to mix the prolixen with orange juice because it tasted nasty by itself. One night they ran out of orange juice. I told them, “No problem” , and I drank my prolixen straight down.The girl behind me in line was impressed. She made a big deal about how brave I was. I was lapping up the attention.

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In the private hospital I was at we had bibles in every room and a few in the lobby.

I tried reading it at one point.

Me and that book just don’t get along.

The question is. Would the audience be laughing with us? Or at us?

A show on mental health That’s a comedy would be ground breaking , nothing has being done on that before. The problem you face is that mental health issues are synonomous with sobering themes. But also , traditionally , institutions served a purpose , and that was to keep people that threaten other peoples sence of sanity , locked up.

MASH took pain and tragedy and turned it on it’s ear…turned it funny. I think Mental Ward could do the same. It would have to be really, REALLY funny though, and handled with a deft touch by the writing crew.

It’s one of a few creative ideas I’m going to try to get off the ground this year. I think it’s a winning idea if handled properly. Who knows? Maybe lightning will strike and some network will take a chance on my pitch!

Good luck man. Sounds like it could be great.

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Yeah. Thanks. We’ll see…

I DO have some connections in the screenwriting industry so I’ll try and tap those contacts and take it from there.

I’ll let all of you know later on this year if anything comes of this crazy idea/show pitch I have on the burner.