My clock on the wall bleeds (poem)

numbers on the clock keep repeating
turning in their cycle every day
the hands keep bleeding through
turning in their cycle every way
time seems to pass so slow
when you do things the same
when will the clock die
turning its cycle to my dismay


awesome poem thanks a lot

I feel like I’m a ragamuffin today. All torn and old and full of bitterness. It is quite obvious to me from me writing this poem today that I need help. I am starting to feel like pansdisease, negative and full of bad things to say. God help me out of my despair.

Just remember, jukebox, you can get through this. It will pass. Try not to get agitated. Try to take it easy if you can.

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thanks crimby my friend. I consider us friends even though we don’t visit eachother? I love all your posts and you are important to me. I appreciate your words about not getting agitated. It’s my ■■■■■■■ brain haunting me again and it won’t stop. I am getting on a med tuesday that will hopefully turn it off.