My cleaning lady/one of her assistants stole/misplaced brand new script of klonopin

Looked everywhere in my apartment. It’s not here. I was stupid to leave it out on the table with people coming over but thought I could leave it for an hour without it getting stolen.

Now what should I do???

Maybe she put it somewhere else…

Where in the dark abyss??? Or the infinite void of nothingness behind the mirror. I Looked everywhere

Did you asked her, if she saw your Klonopin, idk just saying

If I ask her, her assistant will be fired. Which is why I’m hesitant.

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Maybe I’ll mention it to my mom.

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Thing is I don’t even take klonopin anymore . This was my last script before I discontinued the med. but still don’t like being taken from maybe.

You need to tell her, what if that assistant steals a medicine that is direly needed by someone. The cleaning lady should know. Maybe she won’t fire the assistant on the first time because there’s no proof but it may wind up being a part of a pattern that she sees and then she can fire her before she does real damage to someone.