My church brought me some groceries because I’m quarantined

until Friday with Covid. My apartment management doesn’t want me leaving my apartment until after ten days. Old school Covid thinking.

I’m was able to start the Covid medication Paxlovid Wednesday after my positive test Tuesday. I tested negative Monday, but my nurse practitioner said I had Covid in her opinion and to take the test again. My symptoms started Sunday.

The Paxlovid has worked wonders for me, and my fever is gone now. It’s paid for by the US government. The only problem is finding a pharmacy that will let you have some. I had a prescription, but three pharmacies turned me away. Two of them had it in stock, but wouldn’t let me have any because I’m not a regular customer.


Hi @ElGato . Glad you were able to get some groceries. Sorry you are having the difficulties getting your Covid med.

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Thanks @Bowens. I’m going to take my business to the pharmacy that gave me the Paxlovid from now on.


Good for you. I’d do the same thing


sorry to hear you got covid

quarantine sux but it is good cause they say the new variant is much more contagious

can i ask did you got the vaccine and boosters

im glad your church helped out that was nice of them

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I’m going to have to ration my food so it will last until Friday. I should be able to get 1500 calories a day, which will keep me alive. I don’t have any family that can help, and my only other option was to give my debit or credit card to one of two friends. I didn’t want to do that, give them the PIN number on the debit card and there isn’t much available on my credit card.

Yes I had two Pfizer shots the spring of 2021, a booster shot last October, and another booster in April of this year.

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that sux all the boosters and you still got it

im going tomorrow to get my 2nd booster

i have been lucky i havent gotten it but i dont go out in public much and wear a mask

hopefully it will go away quickly where you got your shots and booster and vaccine

my sister got in December 2020 she got it bad was sick for two months

i wish you the best

hope you get threw it quick

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I would say I was moderately sick only and didn’t need to go to the hospital.


thats good hospitals are bad news


Thanks @ZmaGal @yoda123


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