My Christmas

My Christmas was quite good although I was alone. I ate many pizzas and slept well, I woke up today after sleeping 10 hours, I felt good as I always do after the good night sleep. The next holiday is a new year and I enjoy watching fireworks, I wish you had a good Christmas.


Merry Christmas @mjseu!

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Merry Xmas and a happy New Year.

I don’t really do New Years these days. I go to bed early and get up early!

Still. I get awoken by cheering or fire works sometimes!

Have a great holiday matey!

Glad you had a good Christmas
And hope you have a good new year :smiley:

Merry Christmas mjsu .

I used to isolate from my family and have delusions about them so I used to be alone over Christmas time too but this year I did not meet my family but we called each other which was precious.

Pizza is good stuff.:slightly_smiling_face:

You lost your father not so long ago and I think you are doing so well.

How is the bike rides and photography going?

(Are ) sorry my grammar and I misspelt your name.

Any New Year’s Eve plans?

My boyfriend is going to his friends party and staying the night there.

I do not drink alcohol and often have social difficulties so I’m just staying at home minding the dogs.

I plan on making Gordon Ramsay’s mashed potato for New Year’s Eve dinner.
Just for me.:slightly_smiling_face:

No special New Your’s Eve plans … I’ll just stay in and watch fireworks. My father died almost one year ago, I am feeling ok, I decided not to ride my bicycle in this winter and so I am waiting that spring comes, three months from now, 90 days, I decided to walk more in this winter.


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