My Christmas morning walk, Hyvää Joulua

We have a lot of snow, I walked in the same area where I walk in the summers, a snowmobile had made a path, it actually felt good, I felt no cold at all, in many ways I like the winter, here are a few Christmas morning walk pics … Merry Christmas, Hyvää Joulua (in Finnish) …



Nice pictures, Merry Christmas

The photos with all the snow are like a Winter postcard. Merry Christmas @mjseu :christmas_tree:

Hyvää Joulua!

Now I just need to learn to say it :joy_cat: Best wishes to you, and I hope your year is as peaceful as these pictures.

Merrry xmas finnish hero @mjseu … and happy new year…!!! Pictures are fine and i like it…!!! Keep us posted. Merry joulua…

I had my Christmas meal …


and then I went to the store and got one cold Cola drink and went to my local beach to drink it, one cold experience …


and then somebody took a pic of me …


U look like vladamir putin…mj haha jk… !!!

Hahaha … Putin does not have eye glasses and he is shorter … and of course he can not walk around freely in my beach area without the heavy security with him …, haha

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Happy Christmas @mjseu, eat and drink tightly.

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Merry Christmas, @mjseu! We’re still waiting for our snow. Your pictures are beautiful!


Hyvää joulua!

Nice winter pictures. The snow melted here.

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