My chili came out so good

the chicken was so tender it just fell apart when I was trying to shred it. I’m starting to like the slow cooker.


Pics? 15151515151515

Yeah, slow cookers are great for some things, such as chili.

I haven’t made chicken and noodles in mine in a while, but maybe I should sometime soon.

I put three chicken breasts in there with chicken broth, cream of chicken soup and butter. After a few hours the chicken shreds so easily. I then add a bag of frozen peas & carrots, then frozen Reame’s egg noodles. It’s good stuff. :yum:

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I’m on a pc not a phone, but honestly it doesn’t look all that great, but tastes yum.

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sounds yum, I’ll try that sometime.

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Chicken in chili what sorcery is this?


I know, I know but dang it was good, chicken chili who’ld have thought.

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