My childhood heroes were Pinnochio and Frankenstein's monster

I guess a therapist would see a point in the fact that both were dead things (a puppet and a corpse) that suddenly were ignited to life by science and art.

Has anyone seen the movie where Frankenstein’s monster is played by Boris Karloff? It’s a heartbreaking movie.

Or the the old italian adaptation of Pinocchio “il aventura di pinocchio” ? It’s a masterpiece.

Le avventure di Pinocchio (TV Mini Series 1972) - IMDb

The movie led me into a strange fantasy world where I (8 years old) couldn’t tell the difference between Pinocchio and myself.


I remember having the hots for Elsa Lanchester in the Bride of Frankenstein. This is my favourite “monster” movie.

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I saw the first 10 minutes @NotSeksoEmpirico … It looks good, it has a very special mood and awesome scenography / light.

I know you have read Laing, since you recommended him to me-

There seems to be a certain obsession with dead things coming alive among people suffering from sz and related illnesses.

One of Laings most important insights was the description of the lack of selfhood in people suffering from sz. This lack of selfhood could lead to an interest in things like a Golem. Pinocchio, Frankensteins monster and so on. Dead things, stuff with no interior suddenly brimming with life / selfhood,


They rereleased Pinocchio in theaters when I was little and it was the first movie I ever saw in theaters and it scared the absolute ■■■■ out of me when the pleasure island stuff came on.

Since you mention frankenstein, I had this gameboy game about it and the soundtrack they played was from beethoven

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One of my favourite songs that

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Care bears .121212

It is a scary movie if you are a kid. I had my first, very innocent, crush on the blue fairy in the movie. She was stunningly, beautiful.

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