My chair (poem)


when i sit down on that chair
i feel very, very comfortable there
i think what is said there is fair
on that chair, on that chair

people come and go, god only knows
who comes and who goes
on that chair, i say a prayer
on that chair, on that chair

worldly wise, no disguise
blatantly obvious and full of surprise
but hidden from view, if only i knew
who was it there, on my chair
on my chair.

it talks to me, speaks to me
in ways that are far reaching
unable to understand,
it is a higher level,
it is my self portrayal of a god
or is it God
what could it be? on my chair
over there on my chair.

i sit.


empty mind, empty chair
looking back, i sit there
looking forward, looking down
stuck in the now, boy about town

my chair is empty
i relinquish my seat
my crowning glory
at your feet
my golden throne
left alone
only now for me to weep

my empty chair so barren
i miss the company
where did all my friends go
when i was up that tree
where did the wind take them
was it far and wide
did they find new lovers
with children by their side

my empty seat


Yes, I like this. It reminds me of a big old tree they cut down in the park where I sit. Part of it is left there and they are carving things in it, one of which is a chair. I’ll try to take a picture of it.


Here are the photos. There are a number of minor seats along the big branch.

I was going to sit in the chair but there were a lot of people around.

<img src="/uploads/default/4739/b00deb7e1ce61a90.jpg" width=“666”



how majestic is that??? WOW.