My chair poem + one other

Daydreamer, here it is - not like I remembered


Sometimes you sit
and gaze at the empty chair.

In that chair
with its open arms
are things you can’t have

The guest got up
and walked
leaving his memory behind

. . .


There’s a field, and a cutter who
would take all in time.

There in the moon’s light
walking through stubble, looking
for an edge, a greening edge -

Where the heart turns around, and
quits depleting so.



those are great patchofblue

i wrote my own version in the creative section but its not very good,
i think i could make it better

how would you write that poem now?

would it be the same?

The chair has been sat in + walked away from many times.

I read your poem. I like it. You could work on it if you’re not satisfied.

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