My CBD habit

I smoke CBD cigarettes I am up to 2 cigarettes a day… I keep wondering if it would be cheaper to use my CBD dry herb vaporizer with CBD flower so next month I’m gonna try it out… We’ll see


never tried cbd personally but curious about it.

@Lifer it helps my anxiety without it I have to take anxiety meds daily I’d rather smoke CBD than take meds CBD is natural pills are not

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@Lifer also if you have questions I’d be happy to try and answer them

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no i don’t have a lot of questions, but one. when you say you smoke cbd ciigarettes are those like hemp flower or something? or is it specialty product of some kind. i’ve never seen cbd cigarettes. where do you get them?

I get mine at my local vape shop I vapor maven

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cool beans. glad you found something natural for your anxiety. next time i am back in my hometown i will swing by the vapeshop and inquire about this.

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@Lifer alright I hope it helps you

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I’m going to save you the homework and tell you this is the best vaporizer for the money. You’ll need a butane torch and to watch YouTube videos on how to use it.

But it delivers the best hits. And is the easiest to clean. And is the cheapest.

@mikev0882 I’d rather have an electric one honestly I have a few friends at the vape shop and they recommend a few choices going from low priced to high… They know I go a little cheap when it comes to CBD stuff they showed me one I like that is $29.99 not including tax so we’ll see what I get

I got a new vaporizer today and it’s amazing so far! My anxiety is really low right now and I only loaded a small amount of CBD flower so I think I got a good deal for $29.99 and it seems sturdy enough to last me a long time! And not only that but the tip doesn’t get overly hot and burn my lips and that’s another plus

Here’s what I got!

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This is the vape I use – I vape CBD flower as an anti-anxiety PRN. I’d much rather do that than get hooked on benzos.

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@Tulane I use CBD daily as needed and in the morning and evening on a pretty good schedule but I agree with you I’d rather smoke CBD than be hooked on drugs


The Downer here… What might it be doing to your throat. or lungs?

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I use CBD for pain and anxiety, I have waters and capsules
It seems polarizing but many people who use it find a lot of relief.
That looks like a nice vape.

Nobody knows yet. Lungs feel less ‘tired’ with a dry herb vaporizer than smoking.

That’s something most people won’t argue.

I realize smoking/vaping is not good for the lungs or respiratory system, but I only use it in moderation. As opposed to taking benzos, which can be addictive. Either way, I need something for my crippling anxiety. And I’d rather vape flower than take habit-forming pills.

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