My cats are demons

My kittens are 8 or 9 weeks old, and they don’t play with each other. They bite as hard as they can. I’m wondering if they are going to keep doing this as they get older.

They’re probably playing that’s how cats play. Mine seem like they’re fighting. Sometimes I get worried but when we’re gone can’t stop it and they’re always alright.

They’re probably just playing :slight_smile:

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My 11 week old puppy is very mouthy
This is how they communicate and explore their world, is through their mouths.
I’m sure kittens are the same way.


I have 3 cats ranging from 4 years old to 8 months. They were all like that when they were younger. They just love to play. They have all grown out of it. The 8 month old still gets a lot of energy and starts to play like that but it is rare and I just redirected with toys.


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